First Lady Melania Trump 'Mocked' Over Title Of Her New Book

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After reports revealed that Melania Trump was planning to publish a memoir after leaving the White House, social media users began mocking the first lady.

Twitter users offered potential titles for the book with the hashtag #TitlesForMelaniasMemoir.

One person suggested Becoming, the same title Michelle Obama used for her 2018 memoir, in reference to Melania’s plagiarized speech during the 2016 Republican National Convention. The speech had been eerily similar to one made by Michelle years earlier.

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Someone else suggested “I still really don’t care, do you?” referring to the jacket Melania wore in 2018 while visiting a detention center in Texas where migrant children were being held. The coat had the words, “I really don’t care do u?” written on the back.

In a later interview with ABC News, she stated that she wore the coat again when she left the center after she saw “how the media was obsessed about it”.

 “It was kind of a message, yes,” she added.

Another person suggested “The Art of Darkness,” and posted pictures of the White House following Melania’s Christmas decorations.

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Joe Biden won the presidential elections with 306 Electoral College votes to Trump’s 232. Trump has refused to concede, alleging mass electoral fraud. He has yet to provide evidence supporting his claims.

Some decided to use #TitlesForMelaniasMemoir to slam the president.

One person commented: “The Devil Wears MAGA.”

Comedian Simon King wrote: “Lady and the Trump.”

A third wrote: “How To Marry A Millionaire… Who Says He’s A Billionaire.”

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Page Six broke the news of Melania’s possible memoir, citing a source close to the first lady: “Melania is in meetings to write her White House memoir. And it would be her money — a chance for her to earn on her own.”

The source added that Trump has been “encouraging her” to follow through with it.

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