Melania Trump Slammed For Sharing 'Morbid' Photo To Celebrate Barron's Birthday

Photo Credit: Google

Melania Trump once again became the subject of ridicule on social media, this time for her picture celebrating Barron Trump’s birthday.

On Saturday, she took to Twitter to celebrate her only child’s birthday, writing, "Happy birthday BWT," with three red heart emojis.

The message was accompanied by a picture of dark balloons reading "15," an identical post to the silver "14" balloons she posted last year.

However, some criticized the post, claiming that it was too dark.

Photo Credit: Google

"Melanie dear, you could have found a more cheerful pic. This looks quite morbid, but perhaps that’s how you/he feels," one person wrote.

"How festive! Nothing quite says Happy Birthday to a 15-year-old quite like a black balloon that appears to be dripping blood. But then...#BeBest never really made it either," another person commented.

"Wow....that is a very dark meme for a birthday. Very bad vibe to it," a third person wrote.

"But why did I think this was some creepy font with blood drips or something. Damn...this is the most horrific happy birthday I've ever seen! Looks evil AF. LOL!!!" someone else commented.

Photo Credit: Google

However, other denied the claims that the dark balloons seemed inappropriate for the occasion, maintaining that there was nothing wrong with the image.

"It’s only chocolate. Dark minds see dark things," one person wrote.

"Dripping chocolate? Yum. Depends on what you see and the morbid in your heart!" another commented.

"How does this look morbid lmao they're balloons," someone else commented.

Others simply wished Barron a happy birthday.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Melania Trump

"I hope Barron has a wonderful birthday... kids deserve to be kids," one person wrote.

"Happy Birthday to the smartest first kid of all time!! You'll do great things, Barron," another user commented.

"Happy birthday to one blessed little man! He has one incredible family! Thank you all for wanting the best for our country! Barren will have a love for our country that is pretty special! God has appointed you all for such a time as this," a third wrote.

Sources: Daily Star