TV Host Responds To Critics After Facing Backlash For Wearing 'Inappropriate' Outfit On Air

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Susanna Reid clapped back at Good Morning Britain viewers following comments that her outfits were “inappropriate.”

The criticisms come after ITV star Lorraine Kelly was targeted by trolls who claimed that her outfit was far too risqué for TV.

On the Thursday morning episode of Good Morning Britain, Reid addressed the critics by sarcastically talking about her and Kelly’s “more appropriate” outfits.

Photo Credit: GirlAlmightyTV - News, Weather and TV Presenters!

When she tuned in to see which guest would be appearing on Kelly’s show on Thursday, Susanna made fun with Kelly by saying: “I hope you’re much more appropriately dressed today. As am I. Women have boobs - shocker!!"

Co-host Piers Morgan jokingly replied: “You’ve both put them away. Why would you do that to us?”

On Wednesday, both Reid and Kelly were criticized by viewers who apparently couldn’t keep their eyes off of the presenters’ assets.

Photo Credit: GirlAlmightyTV - News, Weather and TV Presenters!

Reid was in a bright green silk dress with a low-cut neckline, a pair of black glasses and red lipstick. She wore her hair down around her shoulders.

“Bit early for all that boobage! @susannareid100 that's quite an eye full,” one person mocked.

Kelly, on her part, was wearing a pink satin shirt with bold zebra print that drew the focus to her bosom.

Photo Credit: GirlAlmightyTV - News, Weather and TV Presenters!

Viewers were distracted every time she giggled or moved in her seat because the zebras would move, and a number of fans claimed it looked like the wild animals were “humping one another.”

Kelly joked about the criticism on Thursday’s show as she maintained that that she had no clue the zebras were getting it on under her nose.

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