Controversial Digital Ad Taken Down Hours After Being Displayed Due To Complaints

Photo Credit: Twitter/Nadine Chemali

A digital billboard in Queensland was slammed for its message. The billboard, which had an image of Pauline Hanson, read: "all lives matter or bugger off." Within hours of being put up, pictures of the billboard had been circulated on social media hundreds of time.

The billboard was next to a car dealership located at a busy intersection in north Rockhampton.

Rockhampton resident and Darumbal and South Sea Islander Dr. Melinda Mann called the car dealership, which stated that it was not responsible for the sign.

"They were fantastic," Dr. Mann said, "Both people who I spoke to at the dealership were understanding of what that sign means and very apologetic that it was there. The sign was a divisive response to the Black Lives Matter movement."

Dr. Mann stated that she understood that there were some in the community who were genuinely not apprised of what the movement and black deaths in custody meant.

"But there are a lot of people, and Senator Pauline Hanson being one of them, who use 'All Lives Matter' as a way to maintain dominance by one particular cultural group over a system that we want reformed," she said.

Dr. Mann stated that every single life should matter, and that the Black Lives Matter cause understands this.

"That's why it was important for that sign to come down, because it's such a divisive position from someone who's renowned for very divisive politics," she said.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Nadine Chemali

ABC reached out to Senator Hanson for comment.

Wade Rothery, the Keppel candidate for Pauline Hanson's One Nation, stated that he had no knowledge of the sign.

Dr. Mann commended the community and business response.

"That was a great standard for the community that this stuff isn't tolerated," she said, "Our community is made up of so many different types of cultural groups, but we have one particular group for black people in this country, black deaths in custody, who are crying out for help and we don't want that message to be used against us so we don't get the reforms that are needed to benefit us."

Tropical Auto Group responded to the backlash on a Facebook post to the Central Queensland community.

The post stated: "The controversial and offensive sign that was part of the sign's rotation does not in any way represent the values of our business or staff. We truly wish that this was not something that the community had been exposed to, and we are deeply apologetic for the offence that this caused. Please know that we have contacted the owners and the image has been removed. Tropical Auto Group is committed to equality and inclusion for all, and we stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Our deepest apologies."

Sources: ABC News