Teen Humiliated Over Principal's Alleged 'Check' To See If She Was In Dress Code

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According to Amanda Durbin, the administration of Edmonson County High School has been intent on making sure the dress code is adhered to. The code states that leggings should not be worn as pants, and dresses should not be more than six inches above the knee.

As a number of girls were punished for violations, Amanda and a number of other students decided to wear outfits with leggings in protest of what they considered to be unfair laws. They were looking to prove that they could wear leggings and still adhere to the code.

"It was kind of a protest, but it was a mature protest," she stated.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

She wore a sweater dress which – according to her measurement – was five inches above her knee. However, she was sent to the principal’s office during her third class because her dress was too short.

When she got to the principal’s office, she was told that she would have to kneel on the ground so that the measurement could be taken.

She stated that she was uncomfortable about kneeling, and asked for her parents to be called in.

The administration agreed, and Amanda sat in the office for two hours waiting for her parents.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

"They didn't give me any other option. I had to sit there," she said.

When her parents finally got to the school, Principal Tommy Hodges stated that he "didn't see anything wrong with her outfit," but that he still needed to check.

Amanda felt "embarrassed" and "humiliated" that she had to kneel on the ground, especially with her parents watching.

"I didn't really appreciate having to get down on my knees, especially while I was in a dress," she stated.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

When Hodges first took the measurements, she was in compliance with dress code at 5 inches. However, he asked her to walk across the room with her hands up and then kneel back down, to see if her dress would ride up.

Her dress then measured at 8 inches above the knee, and she sent home because she was "technically" violating the code.

"It did make me feel a little embarrassed, a little insecure of myself," she described the experience.

Hodges told WBKO, "If the gap between the floor and the garment is more than six inches it's out of dress code," and added that parents signed off on the dress code at the beginning of the school year.

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