'Horrifying' Sign Sparks Outrage In Pennsylvania Neighborhood

Photo Credit: CBS 21

A number of Pennsylvania residents have slammed signs that have been put up in Harleysville for promoting racial division.

One resident stated: "I saw a yard sign that said, ‘no white guilt.’"

One sign was put up near a supermarket on Main Street, with another one at an intersection on Route 113. Another one was on the lawn of a home on Allentown Road.

"Honestly it shocked me. I wasn't quite sure what it meant, what the intention was behind it,” Arielle Bianchimano of Sellersville said.

Photo Credit: CBS 21

"I was horrified by it,” one woman commented on Bianchimano’s Facebook post. "It disturbs me that anyone would want to instill fear.”

The term "no white guilt" refers to white men turning movements like Black Lives Matter into narratives about themselves, a University of Pennsylvania associate history professor said.

Photo Credit: CBS 21

"It is time they step aside and recognize that this movement isn't about white men. It's not about white women either. It's about the advancement of black lives,” Anne Berg said.

State Senator Maria Collett maintained that hateful language and racial discord needs to stop.

Photo Credit: CBS 21

"We understand the need for diversity and inclusion in our communities and in our country,” she said.

Police stated that they couldn’t do anything about the signs because they were private property and the message was considered to be free speech.

Sources: CBS 21