AMERICA NOW EXCLUSIVE: Video Surfaces Of 7-Year-Old Boy Saying Prayer To His Dad In Heaven

Photo Credit: Good Morning America

On January 22, 2022, Jayda Lipary, 20, and Nicco Lipary, 7, lost a big part of their lives. Their father, 42-year-old Jeffrey Lipary Jr., had lost his life in a motorcycle accident, leaving behind his two beloved children.

Recounting her happy moments with her dad, Jayda said: “My dad was a really funny person. For my 15th birthday I had a quinceañera. We had to come up with our father-daughter dance in two days, and then the day of we kind of just messed up. But we winged it together.”

Photo Credit: Good Morning America

According to Jayda, Nicco has kept the memory of their father alive by talking about him: “The way he copes is he likes to talk about my dad and likes to just do things to keep himself distracted. Anytime he asked me about our dad, I’ll just talk to him about my favorite memories.”

On the day the video was taken, Nicco had called for a family “meeting,” asking Jayda and the other two family members to write what they like about their dad. He also asked them to draw pictures of their dad looking down at them from heaven, and God, because “our dad is best friends with God in heaven,” Jayda recounted.

“These days gave not been easy for me, but my little brother keeps me going,” Jayda wrote in the description of the TikTok video.

Photo Credit: Good Morning America

“Hey dad. How is heaven? Is it good? Is it bad? Don’t tell me cause –” Nicco is heard praying, “Don’t tell me it’s bad. I hope you’re best friends with God.”

He continues: “Please protect us. We love you dad. You would give anything to a homeless person. We love you. You would do anything for us.”

The video racked up over 11 million views and thousands of comments.

Photo Credit: Good Morning America

In a message to others who’ve lost a loved one, Jayda stated: “I just want people to take away from the video the fact that it’s okay if you lose a parent. You might lose them physically, but spiritually they’re always going to be there with you.”

“I love you dad. And like Nicco said, you were the best person to everybody,” she added.