Jackie Chan Celebrates 70th Birthday with Nostalgic Instagram Throwback Photos

Renowned Hollywood legend Jackie Chan has taken to social media to address the concerns swirling around his health as he celebrates his 70th birthday in style.

“Recently, many of my friends caught sight of some photos of me circulating on the internet, and they expressed genuine concern about my well-being,” shared Chan, best known for his iconic roles in blockbuster hits like “Police Story” and “Rush Hour,” in an Instagram post on Sunday.

Photo Credit: jackiechan/Instagram

“I want to seize this moment to reassure everyone: there’s absolutely no need to worry! Those images are simply a depiction of a character I’m portraying in my latest film. The role calls for me to sport white hair, a white beard, and an aged appearance.”

Chan, who officially entered his seventh decade on Sunday, struck a reflective chord in his post, admitting to feeling somewhat taken aback by the swiftness with which time has flown by.

Photo Credit: jackiechan/Instagram

“After the initial shock wore off, I found myself pondering a saying from my dear friend Sammo Hung: ‘Growing old is a blessing,'” he wrote.

“For those of us who’ve made a living out of performing stunts, we truly understand the profound value of aging.”

Born in Hong Kong, Chan’s journey in the entertainment industry has been characterized by numerous challenges, including enduring multiple injuries during the early stages of his career in martial arts cinema, solidifying his reputation as one of the industry’s foremost stunt performers.

Photo Credit: jackiechan/Instagram

Reflecting on his remarkable 62-year tenure in show business, Chan expressed gratitude for every moment and included a collection of photographs spanning his illustrious career in his post.

“As I glance through these images, a flood of cherished memories washes over me. All I can say is: I have an immense passion for filmmaking, and I hold each and every one of you in high regard,” he wrote, concluding with a heartfelt message of appreciation for the overwhelming outpouring of birthday wishes.

In his parting remarks, Chan extended warm wishes to his fans, expressing hopes for their continued happiness and good health.

Photo Credit: jackiechan/Instagram

Chan’s candid and reassuring message not only assuaged concerns about his health but also underscored his enduring love for his craft and deep appreciation for the unwavering support of his fans throughout his illustrious career.