Kanye West Exposes Adidas for Dropping ‘Fake Yeezys,’ Alleges $250M Lawsuit Against Him!

Kanye West, now going by Ye, is once again slamming Adidas for dropping what he alleges are “fake” Yeezy 350s, claiming they feature an unauthorized design.

Ye took to Instagram to criticize Adidas’ decision to release the “Steel Grey” 350 V2s, explicitly urging fans not to purchase them. He insisted that these colorways were never approved by him, emphasizing that he receives no compensation for these sneakers. According to Ye, Adidas is not only releasing unauthorized designs but is also pursuing a $250 million lawsuit against him. He expressed his discontent, asserting that these new 350s are lacking in authenticity and have been consistently unimpressive.

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In a video posted on Instagram, Ye elaborated on his grievances, accusing Adidas of not only producing non-approved colorways but also failing to compensate him for shoes bearing his name. The rapper, known for his unfiltered statements, addressed the situation while speaking through his titanium dentures.

Adidas has yet to respond to these claims, leaving the public in suspense regarding the company’s stance on Ye’s accusations.

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This latest clash follows Adidas’ announcement that it plans to sell off its remaining Yeezy inventory. The timing of this decision, after severing ties with Ye in 2022 due to controversies surrounding hate speech and antisemitic comments, raises eyebrows. Adidas has stated that a portion of the proceeds from post-split Yeezy sales will be donated to organizations combating discrimination, racism, and antisemitism.

As of now, there is no public indication of Adidas initiating a new lawsuit against Ye or his enterprises. However, Adidas did reveal last year that it initiated a private arbitration case against Ye’s Yeezy LLC. This move was based on allegations that Ye’s offensive public statements violated their partnership agreement, causing significant harm to the Adidas brand.

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Ye’s claim on Monday that Adidas is actively “suing” him likely alludes to this private arbitration case. The specific details of the supposed $250 million lawsuit remain shrouded in secrecy, given the confidential nature of arbitration proceedings.

Photo Credit: Page Six/Youtube

Despite recent photographic evidence suggesting a possible reconciliation between Ye and Adidas, the latest developments cast doubt on the revival of their collaboration. Although Adidas resumed selling Yeezy products in May 2023 after parting ways with the controversial rapper, their attempt to freeze $75 million in Yeezy funds faced swift legal intervention, with a judge overturning the order to freeze the money within a week. The situation remains dynamic, leaving the future of their partnership uncertain.

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