Michael Cohen Urges Sanctions Against Donald Trump for ‘Sleaze Bag’ Comments

Michael Cohen, once Donald Trump’s trusted attorney, is intensifying his criticism of the former president, insisting that Trump should face consequences for disregarding a gag order in the hush money case and launching derogatory attacks against Cohen and Stormy Daniels.

As Trump’s hush money trial looms on the horizon, Cohen took the opportunity to air his grievances in an interview with Politico, just days before the trial’s scheduled commencement on Monday.

Photo Credit: Michael Cohen/X

In Cohen’s view, Trump’s unrelenting attacks, despite judicially imposed gag orders, showcase a blatant disregard for legal constraints. Cohen likened Trump’s behavior to that of a defiant child, lamenting the lack of repercussions for his actions.

Trump’s recent social media post, in which he branded both Cohen and Daniels as “two sleaze bags,” drew swift condemnation from Cohen, who denounced Trump’s actions as witness intimidation and obstruction of justice.

The trial is expected to feature Daniels and Cohen as pivotal witnesses, underscoring their significance in the case against Trump. The allegations against Trump center on accusations of illegal manipulation of business records to cover up payments made to Daniels by Cohen.

Trump’s ire has not been limited to Cohen and Daniels alone. He has also directed his fury at the presiding New York judge, the judge’s daughter, and other individuals involved in the case. Despite being subject to a gag order himself, Trump has persistently argued against its fairness, insisting that others are free to discuss him without restraint.

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While Cohen acknowledges that he lacks the authority to directly enforce the gag order, he believes that Judge Juan Merchan and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg should take proactive measures to ensure a respectful atmosphere during the trial proceedings. Cohen emphasized the need to protect witnesses, including himself, from potential harm.

Although the trial is poised to commence on Monday, Cohen does not anticipate testifying right away. He likened his role in the proceedings to that of a cleanup hitter in a baseball lineup, suggesting that he will play a crucial role when called upon, akin to a fourth or fifth batter.

As the trial date draws near, anticipation mounts over the potential ramifications for Trump and his associates. With Cohen and Daniels poised to take the stand, the trial promises to be a riveting spectacle, captivating audiences across the nation.

Regardless of the trial’s outcome, one thing remains certain: the legal showdown between Trump and his former confidants is poised to make headlines and shape public perceptions for years to come.