Model Suffers Broken Jaw in Violent Robbery Outside Upscale NYC Lounge as Security Allegedly Stands By

A New York model is preparing to take legal action against a high-end Manhattan lounge after a brutal assault left him with a broken jaw and missing teeth. Adam Byrd, 33, recounts the terrifying ordeal that unfolded outside the Little Sister Lounge in the East Village on March 16. Byrd and a friend were ambushed by a group of assailants who not only brutally beat him but also snatched a $35,000 necklace from his neck.

Photo Credit: PIX11 News/Youtube

Despite being mere steps away from the scene, Byrd alleges that the bar’s security personnel did nothing to intervene, leaving him defenseless against the attackers. According to Byrd, the assailants viciously beat him with belts and stomped on his face, causing severe injuries. The assault only ended when the attackers fled the scene, leaving Byrd in need of immediate medical attention.

Byrd’s attorney, Anthony C. Sears, plans to file a lawsuit against the security staff and Tao Group Hospitality, the owner of Little Sister Lounge, citing negligence. Sears describes the incident as one of the most egregious cases of negligent security he has ever seen. He emphasizes the importance of holding establishments accountable for ensuring the safety of their patrons.

Photo Credit: PIX11 News/Youtube

The traumatic experience has left Byrd physically and emotionally scarred. He spent several days in the hospital, undergoing emergency surgery on his jaw and enduring a lengthy recovery process. Byrd recounts feeling helpless and terrified during the attack, pleading with the security guards to intervene to no avail.

The incident raises concerns about the adequacy of security measures at nightlife venues and the responsibility of establishments to protect their patrons. Byrd’s case highlights the need for stricter regulations and enforcement to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Photo Credit: PIX11 News/Youtube

Despite repeated requests for comment, the Tao Group has remained silent on the matter. Meanwhile, the assailants responsible for the attack remain at large, prompting fears of further violence.

Byrd’s ordeal serves as a sobering reminder of the dangers that can lurk in seemingly safe environments. As he continues to recover from his injuries, Byrd hopes that his case will bring about positive change and encourage other victims of negligent security to speak out.

Photo Credit: PIX11 News/Youtube

In a statement, Byrd expresses gratitude for the outpouring of support he has received since the attack. He remains determined to seek justice and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

As the investigation into the incident continues, authorities urge anyone with information to come forward. The safety and well-being of the community depend on holding perpetrators accountable and ensuring that establishments prioritize the security of their patrons.