LAPD Statistics Shows Drop In Property Crime, Increase In Homicides and Robberies

Los Angeles Police Department Interim Chief Dominic Choi delivered an extensive update on Tuesday, providing insight into the city’s evolving crime landscape. While there were positive trends in some areas, Choi highlighted concerning increases in homicides, robberies, and burglaries, signaling ongoing challenges for law enforcement. Despite the promising decline of 4.1% in property crime and […]

Biden Speeds Weapons Delivery to Ukraine with $95 Billion War Aid Bill Signing

President Joe Biden made a decisive move on Wednesday, swiftly dispatching crucial weaponry to Ukraine while endorsing a monumental $95 billion war aid package. This comprehensive measure doesn’t just focus on Ukraine; it extends support to Israel, Taiwan, and other global flashpoints. Biden’s announcement culminates a protracted battle with Republicans in Congress, who had stalled […]