Internet Divided by 29-Year-Old ‘Middle Class’ Man’s Daily Routine, Some Call It ‘Empty’ and ‘Sad’ while Others See Domestic Bliss

Is life just a series of routines, or is there more to it? That’s the question buzzing across the internet after a ‘middle-class’ man revealed his daily grind, sparking a fiery debate about the essence of modern living. TikTok sensation is at the center of this storm, stirring up controversy with his depiction of […]

Fast Food Chains’ Response to Increasing Minimum Wages Raises Concerns for Staff

Fast food chains in California are turning to digital order kiosks as a solution to offset soaring costs following the state’s minimum wage hike to $20 an hour. With prices on the rise due to increased food costs, restaurant owners find themselves in a tight spot, unable to pass further increases onto customers. As a […]